Sunday, August 29, 2010

End of Summer, In Gentler Valleys Roaming

Now moving to our winter blog:

End of summer...
It is bittersweet to bid adieu to Medio. The sweet side is that he was such a happy dog. Each day he led us through the trails, crossing back and forth. We hope that he is now "In Gentler Valleys Roaming."

Robert Service, "L'Envoi", 1909

And, so dear friends, in gentler valleys roaming,
Perhaps, when on my printed page you look,
Your fancies by the firelight may go homing
To that lone land that haply you forsook.

And, if perchance you hear the silence calling,
The frozen music of star yearning heights,
Or, dreaming, see the seines of silver trawling
Across the sky's abyss on vasty nights,
You may recall that sweep of savage splendor,
That land that measures each man at his worth,
And feel in memory, half fierce, half tender,
The brotherhood of men (and dogs) that know the North.

And , farewell Summer 2010. We move now to our winter blog,
Winter at Summer Place Kennel,
where soon we will share our days as we get back to hooking up and running trails, some of them new, and some in gentler valleys.

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